Almost Twelve months ago, when technology enthusiasts did some crystal gazing, the world of cloud computing market was on standard growth trajectory. Things were going well– enterprises were investing on cloud technologies, more workloads were moving to cloud and a few conventional industries were opening up to the inevitability of cloud.

In many ways, the global pandemic has been a watershed moment for the technology industry. Technology and tech leaders were pushed right into the middle of action, where workforce distribution models were enabled, digital agendas were accelerated and some of the biggest shifts were facilitated almost overnight.

Last few months have been a great learning experience for business and technology leaders. Well past the initial ‘response’ phase, organizations now need to plan and prepare for recovery and subsequently for business growth. Technology leaders’ new mandate include building new capabilities that will help their organizations thrive beyond the crisis.

Cloud is very much used in the organizations’ rebound strategies. Organizations that are higher up in the cloud adoption curve have already experienced the benefits of the platform while the pandemic necessitated radical changes. These organizations are directing their IT investments further towards cloud to protect and grow revenues in the new normal. At the same time, some organizations were literally ‘forced’ into adopting cloud models during the pandemic to stay afloat.

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